All lenses William’s Harris supply are Hard Coated as standard which makes them scratch resistant and tougher for everyday use (Please note however that they are not scratch proof!)


MAR (Multi Anti Reflective) Coatings

The purpose of an AR (anti reflective) coating is to virtually eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of your lenses. This allows more light to pass through your lenses to optimise vision with fewer distractions (especially at night). The lenses look nearly invisible therefore enhancing your appearance by drawing more attention to your eyes, allowing you to make better "eye contact" with others.


TINTED & polarised lenses

All lenses can be tinted to any colour and shade of your choice depending on how adventurous you are feeling. Sunglasses are typically more effective with a dark tint, and we would always recommend an ultraviolet coating (UVX400) to protect your eyes from harmful rays (UVA, UVB & UVC) in sunlight. UVX 400 filters out the harmful UV light from the sun up to 400nm (nanometers). Polarised lenses on sunglasses reduces glare created either directly from the sun or from the sun reflecting e.g. water, snow or a wet road surface. This gives a superior visual experience in comparison to a tinted lens. Polarlised lenses come in approximately 8 different colour shades.



This is a relatively new product on the market designed to counteract the blue light which is emitted by electrical devices such as our mobile phones, tablets, PC screens even our TVs which causes tiredness and fatigue. The BLUE light filter on a lens does not affect the clarity of vision and can even be used with non prescription glasses to help those who spend a lot of time on electrical devices.