As a manufacturing optician we have been working with high street opticians for over 40 years! Once your high street optician has tested your eyesight, if glasses are recommended they would send your frame and new prescription to a manufacturing optician like us. Using our experience together with optical machinery we take a blank lens and work this by grinding the back of the lens to create the optical curve which equates to your precise prescription.

Once the lens is ready it is then cut, smoothed and finally polished before it is glazed it in your frame. This end to end manufacturing process is fully supported in our Poole based factory.

We also hold an extensive range of new frames to choose from which you can browse and try on at your leisure. We are a team of just 3 people with over 60 years of experience between us. You will be welcomed by one of us on arrival (no appointment required and we will be pleased to help you. Precision and quality are highly important in ensuring your prescription is transposed to reflect your prescription and we take great pride in both our service and product. We will always ask you to try your new glasses on before taking them home. Small adjustments may need to be made while you wait to ensure your new glasses are comfortable.

Your eyes may take a few days to adjust to your new prescription, especially if your prescription changed significantly, however this usually settles down quickly. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied we would always encourage you to come back so further adjustments can be made if necessary.